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Our Vision
A Holy Water bottle in Every Home in theWorld
in order to create Peace and Harmony among All Nations.

Our Mission
To be number one provider of Holy Water in
the world.
For us, Holy Water is not a product.
We believe that Holy Water is aSymbol which
meets essential needs for "Spiritual" Human


Our values
Dealing with Honesty and Integrity with everybody out of the Culture of our
Humane Establishment.
Equality, Goodness, Peace, Faith, Kindness, Forgiveness, Brotherhood, Honesty, respect
freedom, Loyalty to God…..Devotion of these values in societies and spreading it.

Holy River Establishment is a Jordanian Company licensed to distribute Consecrated
Holy water from Bethany beyond the Jordan, where Jesus was baptized.

With us, you will journey through time. We will bring you the Holy Land wherever you
may be.
Simply enjoy yourself and collect the extraordinary treasures from the Holy Land to
share them with your friends and family.
Show them how much you love and care for them by giving a blessed gift from God.

Imagine yourself wandering through the plains, valleys, hills, mountains, and streams
where Jesus Christ,John the Baptist, and many other prophets walked and crossed
River Jordan.

Experience the cleansing feeling of the soul the way Jesus Christ felt when John
the Baptist baptized him in River Jordan…Now is your chance to make it happen
with us...Find out more by
contacting us.


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